What is the Montessori Method?

For over one hundred years, early childhood educators have used teaching methods developed by Maria Montessori. Some, including public schools, use these approaches piecemeal, while others embrace Montessori’s complete system. The latter often bill themselves as Montessori schools, but the Montessori name is not protected by trademark, so anyone might use it without regard to their level of adherence to the founder’s principles. Florida has more than 150 Montessori schools, but only seven are accredited by an official Montessori organization. The difficulty of the accreditation process means a lot of schools don’t have the capacity to complete it. A proposed Montessori Coalition of Florida w

What is a Charter School?

Parents are increasingly interested in the growing availability of charter schools. Many parents wonder whether their children would benefit from attending a charter school. Charter schools have become an integral part of Florida’s public school student population and their academic achievement has helped to boost the state’s overall academic record. But what exactly is a charter school? Like other public schools, charter schools are publicly funded, tuition-free schools. But charter schools are operated by, or organized as, nonprofit organizations, institutions, universities, or a combination thereof. Operations are funded by the yearly per-pupil legislated state allocation, just as is the

Considering a Private School

As a parent, you know your child’s strengths, shortcomings, and dreams. You are therefore in the best position to determine whether private school is appropriate for your child, and if so, which school will be best. Schools are available to suit your family’s values as well as your child’s learning style and interests. A Florida Department of Education survey found that in the 2012-2013 school year, about 10 percent of Florida’s prekindergarten through twelfth-grade students were enrolled in private schools. Because private school attendance is a family choice, private schools see higher graduation rates than public schools. Private schools in Florida must register with the state Department

Most Common Learning Disabilities

School is hard work for all learners, but it can be especially hard for children with learning differences. When a student with learning differences is asked to perform academic tasks like reading, math, and writing, or even just listening to lessons and recalling information presented in the lesson they are working overtime. According to Dr. Alicia Braccia, a learning disability is a disorder that interferes with the ability to process and retain information at the same rate as their peers. There are many learning disabilities and neurochemical disorders that can interfere with learning. FOUR COMMON LEARNING DISABILITIES IN CHILDREN 1. Dyslexia/Specific Learning Disability in reading is the

Benefits of Multi-Language Learning

As infants and young children age, their lingual discriminatory skills diminish. Introducing young children to additional languages, beyond their native tongues, is both import-ant as well as effective, as their minds are neurologically best suited to learn. Even as infants, social interaction in multiple languages has positive impact on phonetic learning. Preschools and early childhood classrooms across the United States are now embracing multi-language teaching and immersion programs that establish bilingualism at a much younger and age. Benefits of Learning More Than One Language Studies reveal numerous benefits to learning multiple languages. These benefits include: better executive co

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