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Adult Education

Unemployment is one of the most frightening realities facing American society today. As our economic conditions have changed, millions of adults have discovered a need to reassess their contributions to the workplace, skill levels and aptitude, and personal marketability. Financial stability remains paramount to succeeding in today’s world. Providing for your loved ones and yourself the best way you know how grows more and more difficult as standards and expectations continue to rise.

You may have asked yourself on more than one occasion, “Can I do better?” Perhaps you have found yourself worrying about whether or not you have the necessary skills, certifications or licenses to make it in today’s market. Regardless of your individual circumstances, background, or current employment, a basic education is the most valuable tool any adult can and should acquire. In addition to the specific skills you need to succeed in the workplace, think about the significant rise in self-esteem you will experience just by knowing how to better read and write the English language. Basic grammar skills are often taken for granted, but their influence over the human condition in society is extraordinary. Educating adults enables individual dropouts to become productive citizens, supportive parents and contributing community members. Making this investment in your future is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime.

Throughout Florida, public schools are offering many opportunities to undereducated adults. These programs are specifically designed to help you achieve your full potential and challenge you to exceed your expectations. A chance to change your life and reinvent yourself is available to those willing to put forth the effort to become an academically stronger citizen. From basic mathematics to reading comprehension, from mastering the English language to undertaking a

more technical education, there are programs that will meet your individual needs and can fit into your schedule. Aiming to better prepare you for the evolving workforce and improve your life skills, these public school programs specialize in adult education and the betterment of society. There are even programs available to those seeking US Citizenship, but who are currently lacking the literacy level required to qualify and pass the necessary tests.

Now you can discover a brighter future when you enroll in specially designed programs in GED preparation, high school completion, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and all of the other continuing Adult Education courses that are led by passionate instructors dedicated to your success.

Take the first step to seize control of your life into your own hands and get the education you need to succeed today.

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